The manufacture of finished wood floor has a cultured procedure that will rapidly apply hard and durable urethane finishes. Using ultraviolet lights, the finished wood planks will have several layers of urethane within minutes. This helps to make the hardwood floors inexpensive and easier to take care of. Lately manufacturers of hardwood floors have started to add small pieces of Aluminum Oxide right into the floor finish. This dramatically surges the life of the urethane finish.

Factory finished wooden floors often have many layers of finished that are applied to the wood’s surface. For instance, a lot of wood flooring companies are putting on 6-10 coats of an ultra-violet urethane. This is tremendously tough for someone to replicate on sight. Let’s not forget about how many days it will take get it finished. This is a reason why flooring retailers and builders are recommending prefinished hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring is done in just one day. The cured urethane finishes will make these floors much easier to take care of than the old hardwood floors.

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring Wooden floors are finished by the factory in advance to being installed.
UV preserved finishes are factory done and are preserved with Ultra Violet lights instead of heat.
Polyurethane is a clear and durable finished that is applied as a wear layer.
Acrylic-urethane is a little different than the chemicals of polyurethane but at the same time, they have the same benefits.
Ceramic is an advanced technology which allows space-age ceramic to upsurge the scratch resistance of the wear layer.
Aluminum Oxide, this is added to urethane to increase damage confrontation to the wear layer. This is extremely widespread for high-grade wood floors.
Acrylic impregnated is injected into a cell structure that will give the wood an increased hardness when applied with a wear layer on the wood.

Job-site Hardwood Flooring Finish

If you wish to have a custom hardwood floor stained, or maybe a wooded floor needs to match an existing trim, then you should choose a job-site finish. A job-site finish simply means, you just start with unfinished wood and then the floor will be sanded and stained in the home. Another benefit is the sanding route will smooth the floor so there are not any uneven planks. You should note that if you choose this route there will possibly be a big mess and will take many days. A water based urethane is used as a piece of chemical make up for the polyurethane finish. The solvent based urethane is an oil that is used in polyurethane finish and a moisture cured urethane is alike to a solvent based urethane except the finish will need moisture in the air to complete.