Installation Method

Nail Down – This is typically used with the 3/4" solid goods, nevertheless there are adapters available for reduced flooring proportions. The 2" nailing cleats are for a wood floor boards nail and hammer to attach the flooring to the subfloor. Plank floors can merely be connected on wooden subfloors, grade or above.

Staple Down – The 1-1/2 to 2 inch pins are used in its place of fastening cleats to attach the wood flooring to the subfloor. An air-filled gun is used to drive the staple into the flooring and subfloor. This process is simpler than the nail down installations. Not all wood flooring constructers will recommend the same staple gun.

Glue Down – The suggested gum or glue is spread on with the correct sized trowel to obey the wood flooring to the subfloor. Constructed wood floors and floorboards can be glued down. While solid strip floors and also plank floors can only be nailed or stapled. Many types of adhesives on the market are used, please use the producers recommended adhesive when installing the flooring. If you do not use the producers recommended adhesive and trowel size, you could void any and all warranties, you may have


Floating – With floating installation, the floor is not mechanically fastened to any portion of the subfloor. There is a shrill pad that is positioned just between the wood flooring and the subfloor. A suggested wood glue is realistic in the tongue and groove of every plank, this is to hold the planks in place. The padding will protect against wetness and will reduce noise transmission, softer under foot. Most engineered floors and all Long strip floors can be floated. This is a very fast and clean method. You should consult the manufacturer installation instructions to find out if your flooring can be floated.

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