At S.J Flooring & Renovations we are your dependable source for all your flooring needs. Currently, we provide high-quality flooring service within the Ottawa area. Whether it’s a housing or commercial site, we will be there to help you with the right flooring solutions that your projects require. With our experience and various products, we are able to research the price and value of any budget. The excellent price and high-quality flooring services is only the first part of a successful project.

S.J Flooring & Renovations is proud of the team of flooring service providers we have. They have excellent skills and are very detailed with their work.

Some of our flooring services includes:

Removal and disposal of old flooring

Sanding and refinishing hardwood

Leveling and grinding of sub floor

Repairing floors

Many other customs work

Installing floors
Also, we are able to work with many different types of flooring materials. This includes engineered hardwood, vinyl, and laminate.