There is no greater feeling than having brand new polish and wax on your floors. Your floors might have been underneath old carpets or furniture. Maybe they just don’t look as shiny as you would like.

It is times like this when the professionals at S.J Flooring & Renovations can help you in restoring the beauty of your floors while adding to the beauty of the whole home. Every two years we recommend you polishing, wax, and oil your floors. The following will tell you how the process will work.

The experienced, insured and bonded professionals at S.J Flooring & Renovations will begin with, removing all of the wax, grease and dirt from the floors. This is being done for the use of wax and oil.

Next we will help you choose the right choice of materials for the floor and home atmosphere by recommending products. Our teams of professionals will then apply them accurately making sure that they will pierce into the floor.

When they oil is curing, it will start to harden into the protective surface that is a part of the wood floor. This process has maintained the beauty of hardwood floors for centuries.

The last step is to buff the floor with a pad that will shine and smooth out the finish. Little scratches or dents that are made by everyday wear and tear are definitely less noticeable and is easily repaired.