The professionals at S.J Flooring & Renovations will repair and replace any damaged boards on your floor. We always do our best to provide a similar or the same floor product that you currently have. It is very important that you know that we are not always available to provide you will the exact match when we replace your floors.

When we repair your damaged floors it is important to maintain value and beauty of your home. Our professional services in Ottawa is repairing hardwood floors. The professionals at S.J Flooring & Renovations will inspect the damage and govern the best way to handle it.

At S.J Flooring & Renovations, our specialists provide customers with the most cost-effective solutions that can bring back the beauty of your floors. We then determine the areas that will need to be replaced and others that will best restore either by re-sanding or repositioning.

All dust containment methods will be put in place. This will ensure that there is always a clean and safe environment. Additionally, we will also regulate the root of the problem and we will then examine whether more actions will need to be taken to avert damages from taking place in the future.

Hardwood Floor Repair

Hardwood flooring can offer different kinds of value to your home. There is also a fiscal value. Up to date flooring repairs and restoring are the types of services that can help reserve value.

Each floor will receive mine damage within time. That particular damage should be taken care of by your routine maintenance. Also by the professional care of the floors that need repairs.

Leaking, renovations or excessive heat to any of the structures or system in the house may cause damage which in return will break up the reliability of your floor. Then is the right time to call S.J

Flooring & Renovations for an evaluation that will determine the issue and help figure out a solution to solve it.

Each and every condition will differ from one another. The very first step will to always check to make sure the cause of the issue is terminated. Then our floor advisors at S.J Flooring & Renovations can evaluate the condition and give you options that may help you make a decision on what to do.

In the case of serious issues, such as a large part of the floor, the whole floor might need to be restored. Will may be the best choice if you are thinking about renovating. Especially when you are renovating a historical noteworthy building.

Laminate Floor Repair

Laminate floors are very durable, although finding scratches because of daily wear and tear is common. Little scratches should be repaired with a laminate repair kit. The main disadvantage if that when it is damaged it can be close to impossible to repair. You cannot just buff out scuffing or scratches. They will remain on the laminate surface for a lifetime.

Laminate flooring that is damaged should be replaced immediately. If it is not replaced immediately, this can lead to mildew. The moisture can leak through surface scratches, which will create the best setting for microorganisms and mildew to live.