Refinishing your floors with S.J Flooring & Renovations is an exceptional way that will bring out the attractiveness of your floors while also adding great value to your home. We specify on hardwood floor refinishing. Our methods have developed years of experience in hardwood flooring. We are exceptionally dedicated to providing our customers, cost-effective and top quality refinishing. This will definitely brighten up any room.

We help determine the best kinds of finishing your floors.

We also make sure that the right, preparation is finalized before any refinishing begins. We will determine if any repairs are needed. S.J Flooring & Renovations will sand the floors first, which will remove scratches and older finish.

With proper dust containment methods, we will ensure that there is always a clean and safe environment while our professionals are refinishing. When you refinish your floor with us, we aim to give you an attractive floor just like you have ever dreamt of.